Get to know Tony Sibley, MyAutoman… We strive to put the A-h-h-h back into car buying.

Tony Sibley has devoted years working long and full days as an automotive sales consultant, learning his trade and becoming familiar with the conventions and practices of selling cars through dealerships.

Always serving his clients to the best of his abilities with respect and his affable nature, Tony learned the value of assisting clients with straightforward plain speaking language and insight in the selection and purchase of their vehicle(s) through a painstaking, complex, frustrating and sometimes demeaning car buying process.

Unhappy with this uncomfortable and ungraceful method of selling cars, Tony established the Quarterback Car Buying Program in 1989 with purpose of easing a client through the car buying process in an affordable, considerate, courteous, friendly, relaxed, and respectful way.

The purpose of this program was not to sell a vehicle by any means but to assist the client in his/her buying choice by pleasant and comfortable means and manner. And so Tony’s profession became a passion to help clients enjoy their car buying process.

Established in 1997, Ahhtoman Automotive Consultants was born to put the A-h-h-h into buying a car in the Valley. And now there is MyAutoman.com.

Dealerships can make thousands of dollars in the sale of an automobile. Even with all the information available online, many people go to dealerships under-prepared and ill-advised. It remains a difficult process for car buyers to visit numerous dealerships to negotiate a car transaction down to a fair value with terms that are within your means and ability to pay.

Being mobbed at each stop and repeating answers to the same questions for vehicle selection, trade-in, down payment, and financing… just to determine a purchase price by negotiating with a manager through a salesman.

And today’s auto buying market has been compromised in many ways… prices on used cars are high; new car manufacturers are hiding the rebate in the form of incentives and often times consumers aren’t aware of what discounts they qualify for and can lose sight of the interest rate and its impact on total purchase price.

Here at Ahhtoman Automotive Consultants, dba MyAutoman, we strive to make car selection and purchase easy, affordable, and comfortable. “With my 25 plus years experience I can ensure that we are dedicated to helping you acquire the car of your choice with professionalism and respect throughout the entire process. You’ll always know the purchase price and understand the impact of financing rates on your choice. No games and no false negotiating”.

Tony’s MyAutoman car buying service provides the best value in every aspect of the deal. Tony will personally supervise every transaction and make sure that each client will receive the right price and the best value for their trade-in, and the best service possible.


Private Auto Buying - New and Preowned

“Save Money, Save Time, and Avoid the Hassles in Auto Buying"
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