Why an Auto Broker Makes Sense

Because it makes cents, savings cents! Well actually dollars… lots of dollars and cents.

An auto buying transaction is not like buying a product off the shelf. Akin to buying a house, auto buying is one of the major purchases and individual or family will make in a lifetime.

As a large investment of money and time, choosing and purchasing the right vehicle ranks right up there with home buying, college tuition, and new additions to families. Purchases of new cars often become the new baby of the family… wink, wink. After all, many people fondly refer to their automobile and truck possessions as their “baby” and treat them lovingly with great affection and devotion.

Auto Broker vs Dealership

An Auto Broker is different than a dealership. As a dealership represents a manufacturer and a brand or vehicle, the Auto Broker sources all brands, makes and models of car, truck and SUV vehicles. The Auto Broker represents you in the buying process making it all simple, straightforward and undemanding of your time and energies.

Think of buying from a dealership as buying retail. You work through a hierarchy of people to complete a purchase agreement. Walking into the showroom of a dealership, you begin a process. You negotiate through the salesperson and his/her manager, the loan qualifier, the lender, legal… all representing the dealer and local and state interests. And it all depends on the makes and models they have on the lot at that time. It can take hours. The dealership car buying process will cost thousands of extra dollars out of your pocket everyone in the hierarchy earns off your purchase. There is quite a high overhead that is built into the purchase price of a vehicle from a dealership.

Whereas an Auto Broker is like a wholesaler who is familiar with a wide variety of vehicles. One who is knowledgeable, experienced and practiced in the process of buying all makes and models of car, truck or SUV. An Auto Broker will do the research and locate the vehicle for you… the one you truly want and can afford. The approach of an Auto Broker is to assist in the purchase a vehicle not sell a vehicle off the lot and negotiate a commission.

And the Auto Broker navigates through and simplifies the buying process for you saving hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Money normally paid out in a hierarchy of commissions that cover overhead costs of the dealership will remain in your pocket. The Auto Broker doesn’t get paid on your financing so your loans aren’t loaded with back-end profits.

  • Through a qualifying process, the Broker will aid you identify, characterize and define your preferences in the selection of the make, model, options, color, styling and the ultimate choice of vehicle for you and your family.
  • Counsel and guide you through the credit maze.
  • Navigate you through financing your purchase and seek out the best possible interest rates available.
  • Assist you with the best deal for your Trade-In of your current vehicle.
  • Help you understand and choose various different options, equipment and accessories.
  • Advise you regarding guarantees, new car warranty and extended warranties.
  • Clarify factory and dealer incentives, rebates and offers available to you the consumer.

Over the last 25 years, Tony has helped thousands of clients right here in the Valley purchase new or pre-owned automobiles. In general, vehicles that might normally be unavailable or inaccessible to the average car buyer, Tony has access to a vast network of dealers across the entire country for uncovering and obtaining all makes and models of vehicles for his clients.

Tony‘s reliability, integrity and reputation have earned him a foundation of repeat clients that offer grand testimonials that other auto professionals can’t claim.


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