With great appreciation...

“With great appreciation, I speak of my buying experience with Tony Sibley. I was in great need of a good running car, and found exactly what was needed for my budget. I was met with true professionalism and courtesy. Things were handled with profound experience from my entrance to my exit with the car of my dreams.” “Should the need ever arise again; I know where to shop for a quality vehicle that will suit my needs.”

-Bruce B., Phoenix AZ Toyota Avalon buyer

Tony, Thanks so much...

Tony, Thanks so much for the help back in 2005 and for keeping in touch. We have never been happier with a vehicle as we have with the 4Runner. We’re just shy of 60K miles and our baby is still performing like new. Any chance we get, we recommend our “special guy” in Phoenix.

Best wishes,

-Bill & Ewa D. Eagar, AZ

I recently bought...

I recently bought a car with the amazing professionalism of Tony Sibley. This was my first time going through a broker and after my experience I highly recommend for anyone interested in buying a car to use ****** company. He was interested in what I needed and the next day he had 4 different cars for me to test drive which ment I didn't have to go to multiple locations and waist my time at each dealer. He was also able to trade my 2006 ****** ****** with 176000 miles for $7000.00 because of his great networking that he has. Tony was a very pleasant, professional and honest gentleman who made my car buying experience a breeze...I highly recommend Tony.

Andrew P. on 9/11/2014

I had an absolute wonderful...

I had an absolute wonderful experience with Tony Sibley. All that non sense with dealerships are gone working with this man. Tony will take care of his clients no matter what and he will make the process of buying a car easy and enjoyable. Tony is recommendable indeed.

by Mario on 7/31/2014

I have purchased many vehicles...

I have purchased many vehicles over the last 25-30 years and found My Automan to be honest and truthful, traits not common in the auto trade. He has been recommended by me countless times and successfully achieved sales of the greatest cars each and every time for each individual. He not only knows his business, but he takes care of his people.

by Riza K. on 6/20/2014

I have been doing business...

I have been doing business with Tony Sibley for many years, including recently with Ahhtoman Automotive Consultants. All of my experience with Tony has been positive, helpful, fun, and money-saving. He has advised us toward smart automobile purchases and has steered us away from "bargains" that don't turn out to be bargains. He has been my advocate in all purchases, has lived up to his promises, and has always treated me fairly and with grace and kindness. Just recently he helped set me up to properly negotiate a fair price for a new vehicle. I seek him out whenever I need to change cars. I wholly recommend him.

by John K. on 5/10/2014


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